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NDIS Assistance with Coms and Info Equipment in Perth - Living Hope
Coms & Info Equipment

NDIS Assistance with Coms & Info Equipment in Perth

As a participant, if you want to communicate with your friends and family, Living Hope is the organisation in which you can place your trust. We provide various NDIS assistance with communications & information equipment for participants in Perth. Besides, we can assist you with using these technologies so that you can seamlessly remain connected at all times.

Generally, the products that we deliver to help our clients establish connections and communicate can be categorised under the Assistive Technology section under NDIS. These are tools that are generally designed for effective communication. So, if you are looking to maintain connections with your near and dear ones conveniently, it’s time to connect with us. We will gather information regarding the issues that you typically face during interactions. Depending on it, we will provide you with the technology to make information exchange a breeze.

Assistive Technologies We Offer to Simplify Communications
As mentioned already, we provide technologies and guide participants in using the same. So, if you are a participant and need assistive devices and related support, you can get:
  • Amplifiers: If you need to hear sound clearly during communication, we will provide you with amplifiers and show you how to use them efficiently.
  • Alternative communication software: If you have a smart device, we will recommend the right software to help you communicate easily. We will help you with speech-to-text software and similar apps.
  • Augmentative software: If you want to communicate without speaking, we will provide you with the necessary technology that will help you generate sound through text.
  • Other useful applications: We will provide and help you use other similar applications to make communications simpler and more efficient for you.
Why Choose Our Coms and Info Equipment Assistance Service?
Opt for our coms and info equipment assistance service since:
  • We help streamline communications through useful assistive technologies
  • We recommend the best technologies for a smoother information exchange
  • We will suggest to you a wide range of technologies for augmentative and alternative communications
  • We will assist you with these technologies in an organised manner
To get more details about this assistance service, get in touch with us now.
Schedule an Appointment With Us
To get support with assistive technology, give us a call or send an email so that we can connect with you.
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