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NDIS Assistance Animals in Perth - Living Hope
Assistance Animals

Assistance Animals Service in Perth

As a participant, do you need an assistance animal to help you with a few simple tasks? At Living Hope, we provide these animals that would help you reach your goals. With our NDIS assistance animals service in Perth, we will provide you with a dog guide to help you reach your goals. We will make sure that the trained animal can perform at least 3 tasks as per your requirements. On top of this, we will assign an animal that has passed the public access test. So, if you need a companion other than a human to help you traverse your solitude and even do a few simple tasks, it’s time to get in touch with you.

If further training is required, our professionals will do the needful so that the dog does the needful when asked. Also, we will ensure that the animal displays peaceful behaviour. All in all, we will ensure that you get both emotional and basic tasks support through the dog.

Get an Assistance Animal As Your Companion

We understand that companionship is irreplaceable. But if you live alone as a participant, it can be quite depressing. This is where you need an assistance animal to keep you engaged at all times. What’s more, the animal, which is mainly a dog, will be capable of performing a few tasks that you are unable to perform due to your impairments. However, finding such an animal can be challenging, and this is where we come in. We will examine your difficulties and provide you with an animal that will be your companion at all times.

As a reputable organisation providing an array of services to our participants, we provide safe animals that have passed tests that assess their competencies. So, you can trust us on this.

Why Choose Our Assistance Animal Services Today?
A few more reasons to choose Living Hope as your assistance animal service provider are:
  • We only provide safe assistance animals
  • We help participants reach their NDIS goals
  • We provide animals that can perform 3 important tasks as per your needs
To get more details regarding NDIS assistance animals, reach out to us now.
Discuss your Needs with Us
If you need an assistance animal, call us now or send us an email with your requirements so that we can get back to you with the perfect solution.
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