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NDIS Accommodation & Tenancy Assistance - Living Hope
Accommodation / Tenancy

Assistance with Accommodation and Tenancy in Perth

At Living Hope, our highly qualified support workers understand how important it is for individuals to stay in a living facility that gives absolute peace of mind and safety – more so if the person has impairments. Thus, our experts will do all that is needed to help participants find a stable accommodation, which is located at a convenient location and is accessible from every quarter. In fact, our highly customised approach of offering assistance with NDIS accommodation and tenancy in Perth makes the one stop solution to turn to.

Whether it is all about finding a new accommodation or solving existing tenancy issues, we are second to none, in getting the participants the right solutions. It helps them to opt for the perfect accommodation. Besides assistance with tenancy and accommodation, we also come up with in-house support, which assists the participants in carrying out their daily chores. We also assist the participant in coordinating with the service providers, thereby helping them in finding the suitable accommodation. This will in turn, help the participants in capacity building and allow them to explore new options.

Why does our Assistance with Accommodation and Tenancy Make a Difference?

Most individuals with impairments seek the best option when they have to stay in an impairment-friendly accommodation under the watchful eyes of quality support. This is where our assistance with accommodation and tenancy will make a difference.

Our accommodation facilities come with features that make the stay of the participants as safe as it can be, with user-friendly features, under the watchful eyes of our specialists 24×7.

What types of Assistance with Accommodation & Tenancy do we offer?
At Living Hope, the types of assistance with accommodation & tenancy we offer include:
  • Specialist disability accommodation
  • Supported independent living
  • Individualised living options
  • Shared NDIS Accommodation
  • Short-term accommodation
  • Respite Care

What makes us your automatic choice?

When you choose us you get:

  • Multiple accommodation and tenancy options
  • Both NDIS and self-funded properties
  • Full range of specialised services
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Help with negotiations and paperwork
  • Adherence to NDIS norms
Get in touch with us at the earliest
Call us to schedule an appointment with experts. Or write to us to know more about us and our deliverables.
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